Hola, I’m Chris…

And I’m a Barcelona-based journalist, copywriter, editor, and Spanish-English translator. My work’s been featured at Allure, AFARBusiness Insider, Eurocheapo, FathomAway,  Eater, and BUST magazine, among others. I also create and curate B2B and B2C content for brands, often about travel, culture, etiquette, and food in Europe, where I’ve been living (and writing) for over a decade.

Why I may be the right writer for you

I love to write but more importantly, what I write performs well (plenty of page views) IMG_7116and I’m easy to work with (just ask any of my editors). My specialty is the kind of useful, evergreen content that continues to grab readers’ attention, year after year. Read on for a few highlights:

  • Besides curating the official city guide as the Barcelona local expert at AFAR.com, I’ve been repeatedly selected to collaborate on large-scale projects with third-party sponsors/clients and written more than 50 features as well as hundreds of place/experience vignettes known as “highlights”.
  • Many of my features for AFAR have been selected for syndication at BusinessInsider.com where they’ve gotten thousands of views
  • Two of my features ranked in the top five (#2, and #5, respectively) on AFAR’s top 10 Stories of 2016. The piece that ranked #5 in 2016, Surprisingly Offensive Things in Europe was also #6 on the 2015 list of top content for AFAR and both pieces were also syndicated at Business Insider.
  • 3 of my features for AFAR.com are included in three different categories (How-to, Pro Tips, Thematic Roundups) in the official contributor guidelines as examples of “Stories We Love.”

What makes me any different from all the other freelance writers out there?

  1. I’m a prolific and compulsive reader and writer. I live, breathe, and eat the business of words. This means I have a tendency to over-research, over-edit, and consistently have more story ideas than I can write.
  2. As a professional copywriter, I’ve written everything from case studies and white papers to short e-books to 200-word SEO-optimized destination guides for international hotel chains (in English and Spanish), to snarky blog posts for the official websites of multi-national men’s hair product brands to quarterly e-mail newsletters for small temp agencies. I’ve also written internal communications for CEOs, key messaging scripts for maximum in-house adoption of new initiatives, UX copy for apps, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.
  3. I know how to help you get clear on your voice and tone. Over the years, I’ve helped many clients figure out the right voice (and tone, and subject matter) for their internal and external comms. I’ve written ideal client personas, style guides, and even given workshops to help companies figure out the right direction for their unique brand’s personality.

Need more info, or just want to chat about a potential collaboration? Drop me an email at chrisciolli@gmail.com or use the contact form below.