Welcome to my writer site.

Hola, I’m Chris…

IMG_7116I’m a Barcelona-based writer and translator. I grew up in the American midwest, and live a sort of reverse fantasy wherein I work from my home-base in the Mediterranean most of the time, and vacation in central Missouri.  I write copy in English and Spanish, and translate texts in Spanish and Catalan to English.  Thanks for looking me up.

Do you have a company newsletter, web copy, or an article you want to produce, but you just don’t have the time or chops to do it on your own?

Have you been struggling to produce content for your business (be it a brochure, blog posts, a special report or even a book)?

Do you need Spanish or Catalan language texts transformed into perfectly polished English versions? Or are you just having a hard time communicating with a Spanish-speaking client via Google’s free-but-highly-inaccurate translation tools?

I’m here for you.

What makes me any different from all the other freelance writers and translators out there?

I’m a prolific and slightly compulsive reader and writer. I live, breathe, and eat the business of words. Which means I have a tendency to over-research, over-edit, and consistently have more story ideas than I can write.

In my free time, I will read absolutely anything I can get my hands on–preferably in one of the three languages I actually speak and understand (English, Spanish and Catalan).

I love to travel and cook. So when I’m not writing copy that converts for corporate and  business clients, I’m usually penning  pieces about travel, food or some combination thereof for media outlets.

My personal goal as a writer and translator is help my clients communicate their message (whatever it may be) more effectively and connect with their audience.

What makes me qualified to write/translate/edit for your company?

As a professional copywriter, I’ve written everything from 200-word SEO-optimized destination guides for international hotel chains (in English and Spanish), to snarky blog posts for the official websites of multi-national men’s hair product brands to quarterly e-mail newsletters for small temp agencies. I’ve also written internal communications for CEO’s, key messaging scripts for maximum in-house adoption of new initiatives, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

As a freelance journalist and blogger, I’ve produced how-to guides, travel video scripts, destination guides and guest posts on varied topics like travel, food, books, and writing.

In my many years of experience as a translator, I’ve translated political essays, resumes, product catalogues, personal correspondence, CVs, interviews, medical articles and publicity materials, in addition to subtitling video content. I’ve also proofread and edited English texts by speakers of Spanish and Catalan (fluency in the writer’s first language is very helpful when revising second-language texts). I’ve also proofread full-length travel books and technical guides in English.

Need more info, or just want to chat about a potential collaboration? Drop me an email at chrisciolli@gmail.com or using the contact form below.