We worked with Chris in Spanish and English. It was great being able to work with a copywriter who can work in two languages. Rather than relying on an additional translation company, we were able to create content in different languages that carried the same tone and sentiment, tailored to the culture of each country.  We were also able to get existing English copy translated into Spanish, quickly and easily, safe in the knowledge that the key messages and objectives of the campaign would remain intact. We found Chris very warm, flexible and accommodating to work with. She made every effort to come back to us as quickly as possible while retaining a good quality of work. Being able to work just with one supplier meant that an already complex project to run smoother and more efficiently. We hope to use Chris again in the future.–Stevie Robinson, Project Manager, Caburn Hope.

Working with Chris on a series of Barcelona guides for Gogobot was a delight. She was professional yet creative, and timely in her work. I also felt she was able to convincingly inhabit different worlds, writing convincingly about Barcelona for green travel, business, and LGBT. I’d hire her again anytime I had a relevant assignment. –Julia Pond, Managing Editor, Gogobot.com

Chris’s stories are always well-reported, cleanly written, and submitted before deadline. She brings a pro knowledge of Europe—and especially Spain—to the table, as well as a well-seasoned traveler’s perspective. Her unique voice shines through in her pieces, yet she still effortlessly adapts to a publication’s style. —Danielle Walsh, Associate Editor, AFAR.com

As Guides Editor at AFAR Media I have assigned Chris numerous writing assignments, mainly travel guides. She is a strong and quick writer with good ideas, and is always conscientious, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation recommending her to other editors. —Nick Rowlands, Guides Editor, AFAR.com

I hired Chris to edit Eat Guides: Barcelona, a guidebook I wrote to food and drink in Barcelona, Spain. Because it was a guidebook, formatting was important in addition to grammar and style edits. Furthermore, parts of the guidebook contain Catalan and Spanish words, so it was useful that Chris is trilingual. Chris was able to help me with standard editing plus offer insights related to Catalan and Spanish food culture, all skills that improved the book. She delivered the project on time and was professional and easy to work with. I would certainly hire Chris again for future projects. —Regina Winkle-BryanAuthor of Eat Guides: Barcelona, Eat Guides

“We loved our custom food tour designed and written by Chris for Barcelona! The flexibility that her custom tour provided for our group of 6 was great.  We spent a few days in Barcelona as a couple later in our vacation and even revisited a few of her recommendations!” –Jana Mines


“Having managed Chris at EnVeritas Group for almost a year now, I can say that I am well-acquainted with her writing. Chris has repeatedly proven herself a reliable writer: she is always on top of deadlines, quick to respond to feedback, diligent in her research, and open to new challenges. And, of course, she’s a strong writer who captures the heart of each assignment. Based on her talent, excellent work ethic and inviting personality, I confidently recommend Chris for both English and Spanish writing.” —Harvin LeAnn Bedenbaugh, Project Manager & Editor, EnVeritas Group

“I’ve been delighted with the professional standard of articles that Chris has turned in. She is consistently creative in her approach, thorough in her coverage and true to her word. All in all, she makes my job as editor easy and enjoyable.” —Julie Sheridan, Content Manager at Open House Group

“Chris Ciolli’s travel writings allow our readers the chance to see sites and experience other cultures without leaving home. Her style is full of the wide-eyed wonder that comes from small town Midwest America and typically honest!” –Rebecca Holloway, Managing Editor, “The Tipton Times”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris Ciolli at readlearnwrite.com. Her guest posts are always inspired writing which resonate with my readers. Chris has a seemingly endless supply of brilliant ideas which she routinely executes to perfection. I’d welcome her as a full-time contributor to the site, unfortunately, she’s just too prolific a writer involved in a number of other sites where she provides the same brilliant content. My hope is she continues to share some of her great ideas with the readers at readlearnwrite.com.” –Brandon Monk, Read.Learn.Write

“He trabajado con Chris Ciolli y puedo afirmar que es una de las mejores traductoras de español a inglés estadounidense, y viceversa.Su pasión y precisión en el lenguaje hacen de ella una traductora con excelentes cualidades, sabe captar la esencia de los trabajos a traducir y realmente disfruta escribiendo. Su versatilidad la hacen perfecta para traducir todo tipo de textos: artículos, relatos, ensayos…O intervenir en numeros actos: negociaciones, congresos, traducciones verbales…Chris sabe recoger el espíritu de los contenidos y plasmarlos con enorme elegancia y un toque de naturalidad.

Sus trabajos se benefician de la calidad de sus conocimientos, su amplia experiencia y de una condición humana maravillosa, una espontaneidad mágica y su capacidad de empatía, que le aportan un extra a cuanto hace. Y todo lo hace con auténtica pasión.

No hay muchos traductores que puedan ser imprescindibles, Chris Ciolli lo es. Tiene lo que yo llamo ‘el toque Chris'”. –James Nava


“I’ve worked with Chris Ciolli and can affirm that she’s one of the best Spanish to American English translators, and vice versa. Her passion and precision for language makes her translator with excellent qualities. She knows how to capture the essence of the text that needs to be translated and seems to really enjoy writing. Her versatility makes her perfect for translating a wide variety of writing: articles, stories, essays…..or to provide assistance on many occasions: negotiations, congresses, interpreting….Chris knows how to capture the spirit of content use it to communicate your message with flair and a natural touch.

Her work is much improved by the quality of her knowledge, her experience, spontaneity and ability to empathize with the writer and the original text, which is a great extra. And she does all her work with true passion.

There aren’t many translators that are indispensable, but Chris Ciolli is. She has what I call ‘Chris’ magic touch'”  –James Nava